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About Us

Every contribution makes a real difference in the lives of vulnerable returnees and re families. Will you be the answer to their prayers today?

Leap For Life and Returnees Service is a non-profit organization that welcomes and supports Returned, IDPS,  Widows, orphans, youths, disable people, and entire disadvantage families in South Sudan. It is one of 7 Returnees  welcoming and local organization in Torit South Sudan working with the Office of local Government and one of only four that serves unaccompanied returnees minors and orphans .

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Our Story

Leap For Lifes, Focus in Eastern Equatorial after lunching on September, 2021,  The organization mission and objective based welcome and hope to more than half a South Sudanese returnees continue support. we are believe that leap for lifes local organization, will transformed lives, with the support of people like you, to welcome the most vulnerable to South Sudan. Together we will support, equipped and empowered these new returnees, while advocating for policy that protects all of God’s children, in South Sudan.

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