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Leap For Life’s, condemns cattle keepers and residents, attacked in Magwi region, that makes the the situation getting worse and over 2,000 displaced in Magwi County, and A 16-year-old boy sustained gunshot wounds and more than 2,000 people in Agoro Payam, Magwi County of South Sudan's Eastern Equatorial State were displaced when cattle keepers stormed the area on Wednesday, residents and Leap for Life’s spokesperson said.

Leap for lifes, acting Executive Director in Kenya confirmed the displacement and urged the government to urgently provide humanitarian support to the displaced. The total population of IDPs is over 1200 mostly women and children and elderly. The men decided to remain behind. There are problems with food, shelters, while others are living with their friends or relatives and sharing food with the host communities, Leap for lifes Director in Australia ( Mary Gideon in partner with PS. Patrick Locca seeking for support assistance. Many of the displaced, mostly women and children are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and seeking calls for humanitarian support.

The Human Rights Act states that every person has the right to liberty and security. This right protects against the unlawful or arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

Mary Gideon & PS. Patrick Locca stand with the civilians where ever they go. You get in touch with us. | or contact us directly any support: +61481897058

watch what is happening in Magwi south sudan.

Video one

Video two

Video three, the chief of Agoro speak on food distribution

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